In this guide, we take our clients on a tour of the standard court events. We dress down the legal gibberish for the average person.

Each event gets the same treatment:
  1. We give you blurb that we believe captures the essence of each event. The blurb is in bold type.
  2. Then we give you some basic information about each event. We focus on the rules, not the exceptions. The basics are in regular type.
  3. Then we offer a tip, along with a suggested topic for discussion with your lawyer. The tip is highlighted in blue. 
  4. Then we offer a heads-up on whether you will get advance notice about the date for the event. The heads-up is highlighted in red. Keep in mind that court procedures can change quickly due to Covid-19.

At the end of each event, you will have the option to go back (using the back arrow) or to go to the next event (using the "next" button).

This guide is not meant to answer all of your questions. It is designed to be a starting point for a conversation with your lawyer. Every case is different so every conversation will go in a different direction.

Steve Rice
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4 - Steps
4 - Steps