When we provide you with a quote, it will indicate the basic terms:

  • The legal services to be provided.
  • The case in which the services will be provided.
  • The fee for such services.
  • The cost for expenses, if any.
  • The plan for payment.
  • The due date for payment.

The fee for services will be based on:

  • The court event(s) involved.
  • The strategy for the case.
  • The level of service (good, better, or best).
  • The assigned attorney.

The cost is sometimes for the entire case, including all court events. Other times it is keyed to a particular court event or series of events. 

Please ask for clarification if you are not sure what is covered. 

In any case, we will set forth the basic terms and "fine print" in writing in writing upon request. If you hire us, the terms will always be set forth in writing.

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