We have a variety of ways to get in touch with us. The best ones include:


Our phone number is the holy grail of our contact information. 

You can of course call us with it, and during business hours, someone will be there. We actually have a support staff. And we actually pick up the phone. 

With our phone app, you can also leave a voice message--which will hunt us down day or night by sending us an email, which we get on our cell phones. 

Better yet, our phone number doubles as a text number. You can send us a text message at the same number any time of day or night.


Calling and texting is fast and easy. But when you work as part of a team, as we do, email is probably the most reliable way to leave us a message. 

The email app we use has superpowers and gives us the ability to review, track, and delegate communications and attachments. 

The email address above is for general information. If you want our individual email addresses, go to the People page of our website.


With our chat app, you really don't have to remember anything. If you search the internet for our firm name (i.e., steve rice law), we should pop just about anywhere in world, if not our solar system!

Our chat app is new and probably the most powerful communication tool we use. 

For example, our app uses artificial intelligence. It is able to search and find relevant articles in our help center as we chat! We can drop them in when they may be helpful. 

Our app does so much more. We will be rolling out new features as we build it up and roll it out.

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